Snowboard or splitboard??Just FUN

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The making of HAPPY video by Pharrell.

Awesome, have a look.

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#Thanksgiving.  Yesterday Vs Today.

An amazing gallery of pictures “back in the days” Vs few pics taken yesterday during the Macy’s tksgivng parade.

Which one do you like most?

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Filmography of cars
The best cars in movies by Calmtheham
Via FrizziFrizzi

Filmography of cars

The best cars in movies by Calmtheham

Via FrizziFrizzi

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The “Cal” @ HangarBicocca, Milano

Pirelli celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Calendar with a  beautiful exhibition at Hangar Biccoca in Milan. Unfortunately the show lasted 2 days only. I’ve been there the past week end, have a look.

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Pirelli celebrates the 50th anniversary of  the Calendar.


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Obtain-ium by Nicola Carignani.

@ b-a-dPiazza Crispi 10 a Pietrasanta

Nicola is a good friend of mine. He shoot all the pictures at Joshua Tree. I was there too and together we’ve met the most interesting people who lives in the middle of the desert. Don’t miss the chance to visit the exhibition until the 9th of August!

Well done Nick!

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Crane TV interviews Edward Buchan founder of Sansovino 6.

A beautiful video.

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Last months Lamborghini did a great event to celebrate his 50 birthday. Pirelli was there and I was there too :)

350 Lambos in the same place. HAVE A LOOK!!

HERE if you want to see more pics.

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“Peninsula is the tale of a journey, that started more than a year ago, to discover and describe where surfing in Italy came from and what it’s like now”. HAVE A LOOK

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_Hanging around the west_

Okay maybe one set wasn’t enough….

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_Hanging around the west_

Has spent a lot of time  since my last post. Too many hours in front of the computer so far. Let’s try to start over and  give this blog a reason to exist :)

Summer has been to short but amazing, I’ve travelled with my girlfriend around California. From San Francisco to LA passing by : the Yosemite Park,Bodie, Mammuth Lake, Pasadena, Laguna Beach and San Diego.

This set is shot with Instagram. Enjoy!

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Burton Invited us for  the BURTON EUROPEAN OPEN in Laax.

The week end has been amazing just like the competition.

Stay tuned for more pics

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Recently died Moebius, he was one of the most interesting cartoonist of all times.

With his drawings he influenced Blade Runner aesthetics.


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WaterProof Rain @ Pitti Immagine Florence.

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